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About Us

We (Holly and Barry) along with the help of many others, formed Plant Stamps to create a fun, green, and, "made in the US" product with mass appeal. With a patented manufacturing process, the concept of stickers that grow into plants was born. The idea came after seeing the joy of our kids planting seeds for a school project. Everyday they would come down the stairs and say can we see that plant. In addition, they remember the plant with the event where they received the plant seeds. We like to say "Plant the Date" for an event.

Plant Stamps can be attached to numerous objects such as greeting cards, invitations, gifts, brochures, school reports, etc... In the digital world, it's nice to receive a little gift that can grow with the memories of the occasion. We just hope that everyone enjoys putting them on cards and gifts as much as we do.

Thank you for coming to our site.

"Send more than words. Give a gift that grows."

Please feel free to e-mail us at: sales@plantstamps.com or call (855)-GROWPLANTSTAMPS

Plant Stamps
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